Adoption Update

If you guys can please be praying, Korea has not set their quota yet for this year of how many EPs they are going to approve and grant. EPs are Emmigration or Exit Permissions. Typically it has been about 10% fewer then the previous year (although they fell short of their goal by close to […]


Korean Lesson #3

  It’s been a bit, but here is a quick little lesson. To say “yes” in Korean, one says “Ne” or “네”. Not only does it mean yes, but also that you are in agreement with whatever is being said. This is slightly different than English. Here’s an example- “You don’t like coffee?” “No, I […]


“Thank you” or “Gracias” or “감사합니다 (kam-sa-ha-mni-da)”

While driving with Leighton earlier today we were talking about how to say “thank you”. His preschool class has been learning basic Spanish. The conversation went a little like this-   “Mommy I know how to speak Spanish” “Oh, really?” “Yes, I say, “Gracias” and that means thank you in Spanish” “That’s right Leighton” “Yeah, […]