Edric’s First Package

What would you do if you could only send your loved one a package that fits inside a gallon zip lock baggie every couple of months or so?

The first thing I did was wish that the gallon baggies were bigger!

But alas, that is how we will send things to Edric until we can bring him home.

And then the question comes, what do we send?

I’m going to have to get creative in the months to come. Luckily I have bins of little boy clothes in my basement from my other two and I knew that it is cold in Korea right now. I found a little jacket and a couple of warm outfits that I think will fit him.

We also put together a picture book with pictures of each of us. On the opposite page I had a friend who speaks Korean show me how to write out our names and put that in there with it.

photo 1

So that’s our first package. With it goes our love and hugs and snuggles. Not the ideal way to love on your little one a 1/2 world away, but I’ll take what I can at this point and look forward to the day that he is in my arms!

photo 2