Month of Love

We welcomed the beginning of February with snow and cold temperatures. This month is all about love. I often feel like it is too commercialized and too fake, but it got me thinking the other day. I had spent some time looking at the waiting children on one of the adoption site and I realized that so many are just waiting for someone to love them and call them their own.

There are a lot of excuses and reasons why people decide not to adopt, but aren’t we all called to take care of each other in this world? Our time here is very short and the opportunity to love someone who would otherwise not get that love only seems to make sense. Whether that little one comes from across town or 1/2 way around the world that are many many children who go to bed each night never knowing a family’s love. And no family is perfect, we are all a little messy and have our “issues” but we are all capable of loving another.

So I encourage you this month, as you are out and about and see display after display of pink and red hearts, and hear cheesy music on the radio and try to sort through the million of cards available to stop and pray for the hearts of those that don’t know love and acceptance. Also take that time to reflect on your own heart and see if it might be open to love one more.

There are many different options for adoption, there are children everywhere that need families and homes. While I am partial to Korea for adoptions ( and are two agencies that work with Korea) I am also a big fan of domestic adoptions (especially since I was adopted 33 years ago!). Enjoy this month and all the love but please consider opening your heart and home to a little one that needs to know that love.