Family Trip To The ER

Some families spend Saturday nights playing games, some go to the movies, some invite friends over, some go and watch sporting events together. A couple Saturday nights ago, our whole family took a trip to the ER. The good news is is that we were not there because any of us were hurt or sick. […]


Home Studied

Quick update-We had our two home study visits this week. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I think definitely someone stricter and not personal with a checklist and unapproving glances with everything we said. Instead we were blessed with a wonderful social worker who has adopted three of her own children and had […]


Humble Pjs

Parenting is humbling. Its beyond humbling actually. I can read books, think through solutions to problems, pray, talk with others, and come up with good plans, but sometimes despite all of that, everything falls apart. Last night was a prime example. Lately Leighton has been taking FOREVER to get his PJs on between bath time […]