Update On Coppelia’s Adoption Process

Yeah! We got word this morning that Coppelia’s file was submitted for exit permission to the Korean government! It was actually submitted on September 8th, but Korea just celebrated their Thanksgiving, known as Chuseok, and had an extended holiday so we just learned of the news this morning. We also just got new photos of her last week which was a surprise and a blessing as the agency that she is with usually doesn’t send updates!

We are continuing to pray that both files will meet up and that we will be assigned one court date for both processes. At times it seems impossible in my mind, but then I have to remember we serve a big God and He’s already made so many things come together to bring these two into our lives. Using my best guessing skills I think this will hopefully mean that they will be home sometime January-March next year.

And so now it’s more waiting. That seems to be how this process goes. But with each passing day we are one day closer to being home and being a family of 7!