Goodbye Little Car

Little silver car,

It has been a good journey. You have been with me since 2007. I drove you to my first shift as a MD my intern year, and I can’t even begin to estimate the numbers of shifts I have driven you to and from in the past 10 years. You have probably spent almost as many hours parked at home as you have in a hospital parking lot. Late nights and early mornings and all the hours in between.

We drove you home with both of our babies from the hospital. We also drove you to both those hospitals while in labor waiting for those little ones to arrive. We have cleaned baby spit up out of that back seat I don’t know how many times and have used the seat to change many baby diapers.

You have taken Clint and I on a number of dates, both pre and post kids. Dinners, hikes, even just to run errands. Many long conversations have been had in those front seats.

And we have nothing against you. You would probably run just fine for the next 10 years without a problem. You have done well. However we can’t get many kids in your back seat and with two more coming home we had to be practical. And so don’t worry, we will cherish the times and memories that we have made in you and while we are sad to see you go, our growing family needs more space and it’s time for you to find a new person to drive around.

Thank you little sliver car.