Week of Prayer Day 4

Today we ask selfishly for prayers for the two of us. There are days when we finally get everyone loaded up with shoes and backpacks and coats and lunches and favorite blankets and books and such and look at each other and ask “how are we going to do this with 2 more?” And we have no idea. We know that God is calling us and has called us to this….there is no way we could have orchestrated the plan that is unfolding, and we feel totally inadequate. Totally. I have reflected a lot on the Old Testament story of Joshua leading the Israelites to the Promised Land and marching around Jericho. The battle plan made no earthly sense, and yet it was God’s plan and they followed it and that is all they were called to do. And so we march on and continue to seek and follow His plan. Pray for strength individually and as a couple. Pray for open communication and an outpouring of love. Pray that peace would reign and define our marriage in the months of chaos to come.