Braces x2….

Leighton and Edric finished out the end of their school year by getting braces just in time for summer. For Leighton this is round 2, but his first time with them on the bottom. For Edric this is his first round….of who knows how many as they are setting up to do some crazy teeth moving and fixing the mess of his broken teeth. In the week leading up to their braces we made sure we ate nachos, fruit snacks and gummies. Neither were excited but they did great with getting them on. Leighton got his wire placed so he was pretty sore for a few days, Edric is waiting to get those broken teeth pulled before his wire goes on, so he wasn’t as sore. The adventures of teeth. Probably about the time these two are ready to come out of their braces at least one other kid will be getting ready to get theirs on. And the cycle will continue.