Busy Weekend….

We all had a busy and full weekend this past weekend. Leighton had a meet in Texas so we dropped him and Clint off at the airport mid morning on Friday. Turns out they had a rough day of travel as they had to change planes and then rental car issues and all sorts of things. But they made it to Texas and still made it in time to watch the elites compete that evening at the same meet. Meanwhile without telling Clint I decided to pain the kid’s bathroom. It was a loud turquoise color that wasn’t even nice, and so I (with 4 helpers) painted it to a sage green that looked really good when it was all done. On Saturday we packed in a couple trips to the park while Coppelia in the morning and then Coppelia and Caedmon in the afternoon had ballet class and rehearsal. We also got to bring Paxton’s favorite friend Tora home with us for a few hours after ballet rehearsal. I caught the two of them running through the kitchen just briefly, not sure who smiled the most all evening. Clint and Leighton met up with his parents on Saturday and explored a park in Fort Worth and then late that afternoon headed to Leighton’s meet. Leighton did really well and had fun. He even got to meet Jonathon Horton who was on the 2008 and 2012 Olympic team and won two medals. Because Leighton finished in the top 5 (he was 4th) in parallel bars Jonathon Horton gave him his medal for that event which Leighton was really excited about. On Sunday Clint met up with some college friends for the morning before heading to the airport and I went hiking with the other kids. They did a great job and we hiked 4.5 miles. It was cool and got windy at the end but everyone did great. We were all excited to pick up Clint and Leighton at the airport and everyone was very tired and slept very well that night.