It’s Still January…..

Yes, somehow it is still January. This month seems to be going on forever. I’m ok with it, time often goes so fast as the kids are little so hanging on to a little extra I’m not going to complain about. We really aren’t doing a whole lot of anything, just the day to day stuff. We have homeschool (sometimes with random hats on because that always makes word problems better) and everyone is doing well with that. Caedmon and I have started Tuesday afternoon bike rides/runs while Edric and Coppelia are doing a math and reading enrichment program, last week we rode/biked through the snow along the river. Caedmon, Coppelia and Edric decided that they were cats one afternoon equipped with their own whiskers that they kept on for hours. Caedmon and Coppelia had Don Quixote ballet try outs and the kids rode around the block when it was a little warmer. Nothing crazy and exciting. Trying to avoid all the sickness and just doing normal every day life. But there’s no one else I’d rather do normal every day life than these other 6 goofy humans.