Trailfest Day 2-Zion….

Day 2 of the Grand Circle Trailfest started just as the sun was coming up near Zion National Park. It was 20 degrees warmer at the start and we started with a nice easy 3 mile downhill which was a great way to wake up the tired and sore legs. The views were amazing as we ran along the mesa and the trail was great. There were definitely fewer hills and the path was nice and flat. I did manage to trip about 1.5 mile from the end and scraped up my knee and hand pretty good. Luckily there was a sweet runner behind me that had some bandages and helped fix me up so that I can finish. I wasn’t real fast after that because my knee was pretty sore but we managed to finish. After we finished the race we drove up to Zion National Park. We had initially planned on hiking the Canyon Overlook Trail but the trail was closed because they were doing a search for a missing hiker (who was found alive 5 days after being lost which was amazing). It was the one hike we didn’t get done when we hiked with the kids in the spring because everyone fell asleep in the car as we drove to the trailhead. Since we weren’t able to do it we headed back to the visitor center and found hiking and headed for the Riverside Trail which leads to the start of the Narrows. We got on the shuttle bus and sent the kids a photo because I’m pretty sure their favorite part of Zion were the shuttle busses. The hike was great but the best part was getting to the end and putting our tired and sore legs in the ice cold water. It’s amazing how much the cold water improved our leg soreness. The beauty of Zion probably did a big part as well. It was a great day!