New Glasses….

It was that time of year to get everyone in for eye check ups. Well almost everyone, I scheduled 6 of our appointments and told Clint he was on his own to make his own appointment. Paxton and Leighton’s eyes were stable but still needing glasses. Leighton picked out new frames and we ordered some Tomato glasses for Paxton. Tomato glasses are great, they are made in Korea and made for Asian faces and lack of nasal bridges and are super sturdy. Which he needs. He wanted square glasses this year instead of the oval ones he had, I think to match Clint and Leighton’s. The photo doesn’t show but his are dark blue. Leighton wears contacts for gymnastics but the rest of the time he wears his glasses. When I asked him how he went about picking out his glasses he said “I went with the ones that were the most comfortable”. That is pretty much his stance on everything in his life. Caedmon however was a different story. He kept telling me for weeks before his appointment that he was pretty sure he couldn’t see very well. As it turns out, he sees just fine for distance but actually needs reading glasses. He was over the moon about picking out glasses. And when I asked him how he was going to choose….he told me “I’m going to pick whichever pair looks the best on me”. He also told me that he’s pretty sure that because food is close when he eats it that he’s also going to have to wear his glasses at meal times…and when he plays the cello…and I’m sure he’ll find more chances to wear them. Honestly as long as they wear them I don’t really care, I spent over 30 years in glasses before my ICL surgery last year and if they are happy wearing them I’ll go with it.