Mesa Verde….

As part of our southern Colorado tour we spent a day at Mesa Verde. The cliff palace road was closed but we had already planned on spending time on the other side of the park at Weatherhill Mesa. We had gotten tickets to tour Long House at 11AM and spent the morning exploring the top of the Mesa dwellings and checking out the overlooks. As we walked along we talked about what our jobs would have been if we had been Ancient Pueblos. We concluded that Leighton and Caedmon would make weapons, Edric would hunt, Paxton and Daddy would farm and build and repair the dwelling places and Coppelia and myself would make pottery. And then Coppelia added that she would also bake cupcakes, so you know all the Ancient Pueblos would’ve been coming to our place to hang out and eat those cupcakes. The Long House tour was amazing and the kids had all sorts of really good questions for the Rangers that were stationed along the cliff dwelling and we all learned a lot. We also did the self guided Step House tour and explored that cliff dwelling. By the time we got back to the car at lunch time it was 102 degrees and we had hiked over 8 miles which is really impressive for the kids. We had carried a ton of water with us and filled up along the way at the water stations. We ate lunch and then drove through the various overlooks on the other side closer to the entrance. We had a great day and everyone really had fun. We spent the evening playing tag and chase in the yard of our AIRBNB and just enjoying the time together.