Colorado Trail and Molas Lake

After a big day of hiking and exploring the Black Canyon, we headed south towards Durango and just outside of Sliverton after navigating the Million Dollar Highway we came to Molas Lake. We parked there and then started hiking a section of the Colorado Trail. Leighton and I ran the trail virtually last summer so it was cool to actually hike the trail this year. It was a gorgeous section of the trail as well. While the kids enjoyed the hiking, they definitely preferred the lunch break back at the lake where many rocks were thrown and skipped across the lake. It was a great break in our day and drive and everyone had fun. After a long bit we loaded back up and finished out our drive to Mancos just outside of Mesa Verde National Park. We stayed in an adorable farm house and after getting everything unpacked and settled, which included Caedmon choosing to sleep in one of the closets because he liked it and Coppelia falling in love with her bed and bedside table with a night light, we spent the evening playing tag in the yard and card games on the back porch enjoying the quiet and peace.