Easter 2021

Easter 2021 was a great day. As soon as I got home from my 24 hour shift the kids got ready for the Easter Egg Hunt that Clint had hid the eggs for. We set them off and it was fun to see them all run around and find things. Nothing crazy in the eggs; just stickers, temporary tattoos, erasers and bouncy balls. They had fun though and I think Clint hid over 140 eggs. We then got all dressed up to head to my parents house which was fun and everyone looked great. At my parents house we played 4-square, and the kids went on another Easter Egg hunt. My brother and sister in law and daughter arrived a while later and we had a great lunch of steak and shrimp. The day was gorgeous and warm. We loaded up a little after 2 to head to our church to help set up for service, our church meets at night. The kids were all great helpers moving tables and chairs and doing whatever needed to be done. Paxton got to play the big drum set for a few minutes and he LOVED that. Church was great and our little friend Olivia decided to get baptized and so we got to watch and celebrate with her. Everyone came home very tired but so thankful for a gorgeous day and a chance to celebrate the forgiveness that we have!