A Huge Thank You

Today started the beginning of the end and I’ll sleep a little better tonight for the first time in months. I know that there is still a raging battle ahead and the next few months are going to be really tough, but I also know that the end is near. I got my COVID-19 vaccine today with Coppelia next to me to hold my hand, I have been on the front lines and as I have said “swimming in it” over the last number of months. People have shared their appreciation and thanks for all that myself and fellow front line hospital workers have done, but today it is my turn to tell a group of heroes “thank you”. Thank you to all the scientists who have worked endlessly on these vaccines for the last number of months. Thank you for those that developed the technology years ago that we are able to use and employ for these vaccines today. Thank you to all those who attempted different vaccines that didn’t work because that is what science is and that’s how science advances, making a number of mistakes and learning and growing from those. Thank you to all the volunteers in all the trials who months ago were brave and willing to try something that no one was sure would work or not in order to help others around them. Thank you to the makers and shippers of dry ice and the cooling technology needed to safely transport these vaccines. Thank you to the flight crews and ground crews and delivery trucks who stood ready to move this vaccine and who will be shipping and moving the vaccines for months to come. Thank you to the people who planned and coordinated this effort. Thank you to those that administered and will administer the vaccine to all of us. Thank you, because of all of you, we can all sleep a little easier tonight even though the battle rages on hope has come.

To my fellow physicians, Nurses, Techs, RTs, Pharmacists, EMS and Fire Crews I am humbled to count myself along side each of you. The last number of months have been ugly and we have a number still to go, but I have watched each of you time and time again put aside your own self and face the enemy and I thank you. The end is coming and you have fought a good fight, thank you for being my teammates through all of this, there is no one else I’d rather fight alongside.

And to all of those who have lost a love one in this battle, know that we have given it our all and we are sorry. Despite our space suits of protection know that we cared for your loved one as one of our own because we knew in order to protect you, you couldn’t be there so we all stood in that gap. We said it with our eyes, with the leg squeeze or hand rub in whatever way we could we passed on your love.

The battles not over, please continue to protect yourselves and those around you, we have seen far too much death and destruction from all of this and we have a long road of healing and restoration ahead. But the end is near, thank you to all who have made that possible.