Christmas Tree 2020

On the Friday after Thanksgiving we loaded up and headed up to Beaver Meadows near Red Feather’s Lakes to get our Christmas Tree. My parents went with us so that we could use their trailer to load it up. It was a gorgeous but cool day. We tramped around the forest for awhile looking for a tree. Leighton found the one we ultimately decided on, it actually had different main branches that made up the top which was pretty cool. I liked it once I saw it but Clint wanted to keep looking, although he told me later that he knows that whatever tree I like is the one we end up with. Nevertheless we hunted around and I found a lovely tall dead tree which make the kids laugh when I told them I wanted that one. Coppelia kept picking out trees that were about 18 inches tall….Caedmon found a huge one that he set his heart on and despite us telling him that there was no way it would fit in our house he was attached to it and even cried when we went with a different tree. Not everyone was sold on the tree I chose but everyone was starting to get hungry so we just pulled out our picnic lunch and ate that and that seemed to help. Everyone (except Caedmon) agreed on the tree and we cut it down. Trees in the forest never appear as big as they actually are when we attempt to get them in the house….it took a bit of manuevering and we had to trim the back just so we could get it in place and not block off the kitchen for the next month. We had a great time decorating as well, everyone worked in teams and put different parts of the decorations up and we had more than enough branches for all of our decorations. Even though Caedmon wasn’t excited at the outset he was pleased at the end which was good, and all the kids loved it when we got it all done.