Edric 5 Years Home!

On Wednesday we celebrated Edric’s Family Day, he has been home and part of our family officially for 5 years! And how much he has grown and changed and settled in. To celebrate he wanted his favorite noodle dish and Korean zucchini pancakes and watermelon. He also wanted to help make it all so he and Clint spent the late afternoon in the kitchen preparing everything. He was very proud of what he helped make and it tasted really good. It has been amazing to watch his transformation over the past 5 years. There were many ROUGH days early on and for what seemed like a long time, and while he still has a lot of anxiety he is full of joy. He and Caedmon are pretty good buddies and they play really well together, being just 13 months apart they are kind of like two peas in a pod except when they are not and that’s expected because they are brothers. Edric loves to ride his bike and play outside and he is amazing at puzzles. He has taken off with reading which has been so fun to see and he’s got a grit and determination about him. He is also very literal and does not understand teasing or sarcasm at all, but that’s ok. We know very well that adoption starts as a story of loss, loss of first family, loss of culture, loss of language, loss of connection, and we won’t every forget to acknowledge that and remember that, but we are grateful to be a family and to celebrate Edric yesterday.