September Snow

So given all the things that 2020 has already brought it only made sense that we would have snow the day after Labor Day this year because it’s just the way that the year has gone. Don’t mind the fact that it was 100 degrees on Labor Day….just the way 2020 has rolled. So in effort to save my garden we spent Labor Day afternoon picking a number of things and covering and saving everything else that we could. We ended up with 12 pumpkins (only 10 pictured because I found 2 more after I shot the photo), and just a couple of carrots but the kids were super excited to pick the carrots. We covered most everything else and a few days later when it warmed back up we uncovered things and found that they had all survived and seem to be doing well, thanks to the warm ground even though it got down to the mid 20s. And the spider we had found hanging out inside our bean tower was still there after the snow had cleared and looked no worse for wear. I had ordered a cover/wrap for my beehive but of course it had not yet been delivered so we improvised with black trashbags. I ended up loosing a fair number of bees, but the majority made it and seem to have rebounded without any problems. The ground was so warm that the snow that fell on Tuesday melted as soon as it hit, but when we woke up Wednesday morning we had a good couple inches on the ground. By the time we finished up school Wednesday morning and then kids headed out to play most of it was just a sloppy mess but they still had fun. I’m not ready for the cold so I was grateful to see warmer weather (but not too hot) back in the forecast for the next few weeks. I am not ready to be cold all the time yet.