Zoo Day

On Friday we met my brother Josh and his wife Heidi and their baby Johanna at the Denver Zoo. It was a gorgeous day, it started out cool but sunny and warmed up nicely. The kids were very excited to see their cousin Johanna and Caedmon especially wanted to hold her. He was quite upset that she did not really want much to do with him but finally was consoled when he could give her little crackers and she seemed fine with that. There were lego sculptures all over the zoo of various animals which the kids really liked. Coppelia was excited to see the porcupine since she had a porcupine on her shirt as well. We saw lots of lions and the tigers were up on their overpass when we we near them. The elephants were out and they were testing how to allow the public to feed the lorikeets and so we got to be part of the test group which was fun. Caedmon was super stoked to see the piranhas because he has been reading the “Bad Guy” books and one of the characters is a piranha. Paxton wanted to see jellyfish and luckily there were some in the tropical discovery area. Everyone’s favorite part was the new sting ray exhibit. The kids loved being able to pet them and feed them. It was really neat. We had a great day exploring all the animals and getting to see Johanna.