Bolder Boulder Virtual 2020

Our Bolder Boulder looked different this year with the quarantine. The race directors cancelled the race held every year on Memorial Day (it has been going for over 40 years) but offered a virtual race. We took it a step farther and set up a neighborhood race. We had a course around the neighborhood and everyone started in their own driveway (to promote social distancing) at 9AM. We had 15 or so families in our neighborhood do the run and a number of others who sat in their driveways and waved and cheered all of us on. We had a sprinkler set up and sidewalk chalk cheering people on with music blasting as well. One of our neighbors had a hop-scotch course set up in her driveway. Clint, Paxton and Coppelia did 1 lap which was a 5K (although I think Clint alternated having the two of them on his back during the last 1/2 mile), and Leighton ran the entire thing in just over an hour (which he was upset that he didn’t beat an hour and almost headed back out on the course to do a second run of it but Clint stopped him in time). I ran/walked/whatevered with Caedmon and Edric and I’m pretty sure that the only way I got them around the second lap was the fact that one of our neighbors had packages of rice krispie treats set out in her driveway and I promised them that they could have one if they made it all the way. They ran it in 1 hour 24 minutes which for a 7&8 year olds with minimal training I was pretty impressed with. It was a lot of fun to see different neighbors out running and walking and cheering each other on. While we missed the official Bolder Boulder we did a pretty good job of making up for it and having fun.