Preschool Graduation/Continuation

So I thought this would be our final preschool graduation, but after doing 7 years of preschool over the past 8 years we are actually going to add one more year on for Coppelia. Nothing wrong with a little extra preschool, probably we could all do with a little more time. And while the school year looked nothing like we expected at the end, their teacher still found a way to make the end of the year special. Mrs Schuler had made each of the kids learning books during this pandemic time as well as play-doh and sidewalk chalk for them to do their lessons at home. For the end of the year we scheduled a time to come as a family and continue to space out but she set up an obstacle course for the two of them to walk through in her yard ending with the boxes of school things and certificates. She keeps all the kids work through the year and then placed in the binder by week and then a separate collection of their Bible stories. Finally she has a binder for each kid of photos of them throughout the year. Both Paxton and Coppelia loved looking through their photo binders from last year and were super excited to get them this year. After they finished they got to lead their big brothers through the course while we talked with Mrs Schuler and Mr Jeff while keeping our distance. It was so nice to have a conversation with people after so long. So Paxton moves on to kindergarten in the fall and Coppelia will be back again in the fall.