Garden Update

My garden is slowly coming to life. I’ve got little lettuce sprouts and some scatter spinach and kale sprouts poking their heads through the soil. My neighbors will be excited to know that I’ve planted 2 rows of kale because I’m pretty sure I’m invited to neighborhood functions solely based on the kale chips I make. I saw some corn coming up yesterday as well. Not everything is up yet and I’ve started over on a couple of things. My onions from bulbs look great….I haven’t seen anything from the ones I started from seeds. And I’ve replanted my broccoli and brussel sprouts once already. I also haven’t spotted my pumpkins, cucumbers, zucchini, or watermelons yet. However I’ve found some blossoms on my little strawberries and my raspberries are getting shoots. I had to add tomato cages to my tomato plants this week, while some of my peppers are growing and some look just as small as they were when I put them in the walls of water. And to top it all off I’ve got iris blooming and my peony. They just make me happy. So most positives than negatives right now!