Edric’s 7th Birthday

Edric turned 7 on Thursday and pretty much anyone that he was in shouting distance to over the last month knew that it was his birthday. He told anyone and everyone and was so excited. It was a pretty laid back day, he opened the present from Clint’s parents that morning and a skip-it from Clint and I. He wasn’t so sure about the skip-it but in the few days that he has had it he’s figured out the coordination. And he was super excited about the Legos. At lunch he opened a transformer from his siblings and a pogo stick from Clint and I. The pogo stick has been super popular with all the kids and Edric has gotten really good on it. And now we have more transformers. He requested crack noodles (amazing noodles, just google the recipe from delish.com) and fruit salad. We social distanced from my parents as they joined us for dinner and then had brownies that he helped me make. My parents got him a new bike helmet because his last one was in bad shape and he had specifically asked them for the one they got. He has grown so much emotionally in the past year and is such a curious kid, he keeps us on our toes but we are so glad we get to have him in our family.