Quarantine Church….

Yeah so still figuring this all out….online church. This photos look great but they miss the part of me threatening quiet time to a certain little Miss who threw a fit because she couldn’t find her Bible….granted there were already a number of kids Bibles in the living room…but she wanted a different specific one….Or the fact that I still managed to be 4 minutes late to the start of church despite it being in my living room….or me actually not really hearing anything Zach said because I was helping kids find the story in their Bible and then helping them decode the words….or the interruption for snack time….Or a second fit by the same little Miss who was upset that I wouldn’t let her have a colored pencil for her Bible but would let the oldest two use it to highlight the verses that they wanted….so yeah we are still figuring this out. I miss about 1/2 of the Sundays normally because of work shifts but really miss actually seeing and hugging and laughing and smiling with people. But Paxton was able to rock church this AM in his PJs and I didn’t have to explain that to anyone…And we will do this as long as we need to keep everyone healthy and safe…..