Good Intentions….

So sometimes mommy comes up with good ideas or tries to make a tradition happen. And sometimes mommy is just so tired and worn out and despite her best intentions it just doesn’t go well. It started out well. I surprised the kids and Clint with matching jammies. Leighton and Caedmon had matching jammies when they were little but it is not something we’ve done besides that, however I found a super great deal around Thanksgiving and so I bought some. I didn’t even tell Clint. The plan was to have the kids open their jammies and then pack hot chocolate and drive and look at Christmas lights. Everyone looked great in their jammies even though Clint was a bit worried if the car broke down how we would all look on the side of the road, I told him with 7 of us dressed like that someone would clearly stop…So we started out but didn’t do a great job of figuring out where good lights were at and spent a lot of time just driving on the road not seeing lights. And mommy being overly tired between night shifts and a super long stretch of shifts and commitments and just life got frustrated and upset. So the night didn’t end very well, but sometimes despite best intentions things don’t go as planned. Looking back it was something silly to get so upset about, but I’m kind of out of my reserve at this point and it was just the straw the broke the dam. Kind of the story of life. Each day is new and I need to remember to find the positives and not be so hard on myself when things don’t go as smoothly as I think they should and to give myself more grace. Especially when we ended the night all dressed in bright green jammies. Seek to find the good things and it’s not about perfection but about the memories and joy found in the little things.