Nutcracker Wrap….

Nutcracker 2019 has come and gone. We started with auditions in late August and then weekly rehearsals since October and it all accumulated to this past week. Caedmon was cast as the Brave Mouse and a Cupid for both the afternoon shows and the girls in his class were either cast in the Battle scene with him or as angels. His fellow Brave Mouse who was in the night shows also became a good friend and the had lots of fun learning the part together. And the big dancer who he has a bit of a crush on was cast as the Sugar Plum Fairy in his cast which he was really excited about. It was a long week of rehearsals on the stage all week but also lots of fun. There are some great moms that I have gotten to know and work with backstage and they make the whole thing a lot of fun. I clocked my steps and miles on my watch and I averaged over 5 miles each rehearsal/show with the walking back and forth and running between rooms to call people to stage. When Caedmon finished his parts each night of rehearsal he would put his pjs on and sneak out to the far side of the stage and watch the rest of Act 2. He also decided early on this fall that he wanted to give his angels and battle friends flowers and cards because he’s seen all the older dancers give each other things during each performance. So a couple weeks ago he started writing a couple notes a day and when it was all said and done he had 21 notes written. He also told me that he wanted to give them all flowers, so Saturday between the afternoon and evening shows we went to the store and he picked out flowers and then I was in charge of delivering them to the girls’ dressing rooms. He also wrote a card and picked out flowers for his Sugar Plum Fairy and he turned about 10 shades of red when he found her in the hallway and gave her his card and flowers. The big dancers do a warm up class before each performance and he wanted to go each time, and I usually had to be there early to get things set and also check any injuries to make sure everyone was ok. He asked if I would take class with him so there I was with my ballet shoes on taking class with him which was actually lots of fun. His co-cupid who was in the evening shows got sick after the first show and so Caedmon ended up being called to fill in on the Saturday evening show. For the Sunday afternoon show I got to hang up my “backstage runner/doctor” hat and be mom in the audience. The show was really good and all the dancers did a great job but I was super proud of a little Brave Mouse and Cupid. It is fun to see him just light up and do something he loves. In January we will start the process all over again with Lion Witch and Wardrobe auditions for the April shows.