First Week Of 2019/2020 School In The Books!

And our first week of school is done. August 12th seemed really early to start school for me, but the two littles had their first day of preschool scheduled for the 13th and so it kind of seemed like we might as well get started. Our homeschool enrichment has orientation next Wednesday and then that officially starts on the 28th. But we decided to start the rest of school this week.

Leighton is in 5th this year which does not seem possible, it’s his last year of elementary school. Caedmon is starting 2nd grade and Edric is starting 1st grade. Paxton and Coppelia are in their last year of preschool. They are at the same wonderful preschool that they were at last year. Next year we will be homeschooling all 5 which will be quite the adventure. Clint is already starting to worry about it and I told him, “let’s get through this year first, next year will take care of itself”.

In our usual fashion we had the kids wear their graduation year shirts and write out what they want to be when they grow up. Leighton is going for Olympic gold medal gymnast, Caedmon plans on doing multiple jobs, he wants to be a roof worker so he can eat popsicles when he gets hot, a police officer so he can put bad guys in jail, and a ballet teacher (as long as he isn’t teaching ballet on a roof while chasing bad guys, it might all work out). Edric wants to be a train driver and Paxton loved camping last week so he wants to be a full time camper. Not quite sure how one makes a living as a camper but that’s his goal. Coppelia has the loftiest goal of becoming a dinosaur….dream big sweetie, dream big. I also love that she insists on writing her name as a series of a bunch of the letter b…..bbbbbbbbb, and it doesn’t matter if I tell her that that’s not exactly how her name goes, she insists and is so proud of writing it that way.

Our first day went fairly smoothly. There were some rough attitudes as no one was really ready or wanting to start school but that was kind of expected. It also meant that their journal prompt for day 2 of school was “My attitude about school this year will be….”. We are doing Sonlight history/reading/language arts with Leighton focused on the Eastern Hemisphere this year with a new Math program, Saxon math. Caedmon and Edric are doing World History Year 1 from Sonlight this year and are both using different levels of All About Reading for their Language Arts/Reading. Edric is using Math U See and Caedmon is using Singapore Math. All 3 are trying out All About Spelling this year which seems like a good fit one week in and we are also trying out Building Blocks of Science for science this year which a week in is going well.

Paxton and Coppelia had their first official day on Tuesday and they both were excited. Coppelia wore the skirt that I made and Paxton looked handsome in his little shirt. They walked right in like they owned the place and had no trouble settling in. I’m learning a little more about what they do each day this year as they didn’t really share much last year. This year I’m getting all sorts of good information like “we are in the green group, we lined up in a line and had to wait to wash our hands, we had Jesus time” but the best was on Thursday when I learned “someone threw scissors in the potty and Mrs Schuler had to get them out with her fingers”.

And so we are off. Ready or not we have dove into the school year. Really thankful for the time we get to spend learning with the kids and for the amazing little preschool that Paxton and Coppelia go to. It is going to be another good year.