Backpacking 2019

Last week we went on a 4 day 3 night backpacking trip and I think it was one of the highlights of our summer. In true fashion for our backpacking trips we had some rain, but all in all we had a great time. We went backpacking down in south/central Colorado and backpacked in a little over a mile to Pass Creek Yurt. It was the best scenario because to try and backpack in two tents it would have been impossible because the kids are still quite little and limited in the amount that they can carry in their backpacks. Paxton weighs all of 28 pounds so pretty much he’s maxed out at his backpack and pjs. So the yurt was perfect because it meant that we didn’t have to pack as much. We were pretty much isolated from everyone and everybody. There were fresh wild strawberries growing and we hiked on the second day about 2 miles farther in to a lake and went fishing. On the 3rd day we actually hiked back out to the car and drove about 3 miles down the mountain and fished at some ponds there. The other really cool thing on the 3rd day was that we met up with one of my college professors and his wife and they hiked back in to our yurt with us and spent a few hours hanging out. I had been texting his wife who is a good friend earlier in the week and we discovered we were going to be in the same area and so it worked out great. Clint read to all of us from Lord of the Rings each night (I think I fell asleep before he was done most of the nights) and everyone had fun gathering and pumping/filtering our water and they fought over who got to wash the dishes after each meal. I think the boy’s favorite part was the large dirt hill across from the yurt, they ran up it, slid down it, climbed it, and everything in between, we brought home so much dirt ground into their clothes. Coppelia’s favorite part was the outhouse. Because they get so much snow in the area it is built way up high and she loved having an excuse to climb up and down the ladder. We had a really good time and on the final day when we got back to the car and loaded everyone back up, Paxton actually started crying and said “I miss the yurt and want to go back”. I think I know where we might be headed next summer!