654 Days…Another Milestone Reached

And Tuesday January 8th was Paxton’s Day. He was in Korea for 654 days and now he has been home that many days. We had rice and Mandu (dumplings) with mochi ice cream for dinner to celebrate.

Paxton was with his foster family for much of those 654 days. He was their first foster child and loved so dearly by them. I still have a connection with them and they recently sent him all sorts of Korea snacks and a warm coat and a scooter. I send photos via text to them on a semi regular basis. I am really in awe of the love and care that all three of our kids had from their foster families and we are so blessed because of the foundation that they helped lay in each of their lives. I look forward to returning to Korea when the kids are all a bit older and meeting up with each of them.

We are so thankful for the 654 days (now technically 655 days) that we have had Paxton in our family and home with us. He is a blessing and his smile is so great and I love to hear him laugh. I am excited to watch him continue to grow and so blessed to be called him mommy