Nutcracker 2018

We survived our first Nutcracker. It was actually a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. Caedmon just soaked up every moment and during one of the dress rehearsals I caught him sneaking out and standing in the wings watching the older dancers. He was just in awe and loved it all.

Two of his little friends came and watched him during his first show and he was so excited to meet them in the lobby afterwards. He grinned the whole way home.

He also loved being backstage with his dancing buddies. They played legos, colored, and at one point I think all the boys even the big ones were involved in a chess match.

Clint had fun too, he enjoyed being involved and getting to know some of the parents and being on stage. He also was the room parent for the boys room which I think he enjoyed somewhat.

I was the “runner” and I literally ran….one night during one of the dress rehearsals I kept track and actually did 5.5 miles….I also sewed a laceration, wrapped a number of ankles, put ice on a shoulder and did a little bit of everything. I like working in the back ground and had a lot of fun.

We were all very tired afterwards. Very Tired. But we had a great time and I know we have a number more in our future.