A Sugar Plum Tea….

Caedmon and I got to have a mommy/son date last weekend and we had a great time. With him being in the Nutcracker and in both evening/late shows we decided that he is likely going to need the time during the matinees for naps/rest and so that meant that he wasn’t going to get to see the whole performance of the Nutcracker this year outside of the DVD that we bought. He was pretty bummed, but then I discovered that the company that he dances for also does a Sugar Plum Tea right after Thanksgiving so we decided to do that and make a date out of it.

Our date actually started out with us dropping off treats to be served at the teas later that day, but then we did a little Christmas shopping and he got his gift for Leighton. Each kid drew a name out of a hat and each are in charge of getting a little gift for that person. They have all had fun coming up with ideas and things to get each other which has been really neat to watch.

We then headed out to lunch at Noodles and Company which is always where he chooses to go if he gets the option of choosing. It was a great just being one on one with him and talking and laughing and just enjoying the afternoon. About noon he asked if we could go over to where the tea was going to be at and watch the dancers warm up early. I told him I didn’t think they would let us in early so we found something to do with our time for a little bit longer. Everyone has things that they are passionate about and love and many of us spend our years trying to find the thing that makes us feel most alive, I don’t know if he realizes the blessing that it is to know what it is that he is passionate about at such a young age. When I take him to class or to rehearsal, he leans up next to the window and just watches in amazement the older dancers. And his grin when he is in class or rehearsal just lights up the room.

Finally I said it was close enough to the start that we could go and get checked in. The room was all decorated and beautiful and we found our table. There wasn’t a line for photos with the Sugar Plum Fairy so we hopped in line and he was so proud to sit next to Miss Hannah and get his photo taken. When we got home I noticed that he took his photo and hung it front and center on his bulletin board.

Shortly after the servers brought around options for tea and we got to choose which flavor we wanted to drink in our fancy tea cups. He chose the Nutcracker tea and I went with the Sugar Plum Tea. He was excited to drink his tea but even more excited when I showed him the little bowl of cubed sugar to add to his tea, which we never do at home. Before long the servers were bringing out all sorts of goodies from finger sandwiches to scones to mini muffins and finally all sorts of sweet treats. Despite eating a large lunch he managed to find room for a number of goodies.

After everyone had eaten the director of the ballet invited all the kids to come up to the edge of the stage that was in the center of the room. In a flash he was out of his seat and front and center next to the stage. Over the next 40 minutes the dancers performed a narrated mini Nutcracker and I don’t think he ever took his eyes off the stage.

On the way home I asked him what he thought, he said it was really good but he was bummed that they didn’t include the mouse and nutcracker battle scene. Lately that has been his favorite scene (I think because he’s a mouse). I told him that there were a lot of little girls in the audience and a lot of mommys and girls and mommys might have gotten scared by the mice. That seemed to satisfy him. And I told him that if they showed that part at the tea then no one would be surprised when they came to watch the full show and saw him being a mouse. That answer just made him smile. It was a super fun afternoon and sweet time together.

There are still tickets available if you are local for the Nutcracker, it is on December 21-23rd, Caedmon is in both evening shows at 7PM on the 21st and 22nd. Tickets can be purchased on line at https://app.arts-people.com/index.php?ticketing=ldt01 and I know a little mouse who would be honored that you came to see him.