Oh Christmas Tree…

I typically don’t get our Christmas tree this early in the season, I like to wait for at least the calendar to turn to December, but between Nutcracker, gymnastics meets, preschool programs, work and just day to day with 7 kids it actually worked to go get our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.

We could have been real and official and actually cut our own tree down….but we weren’t. And actually we found a place last year that is owned by a couple of brothers who follow loggers around and clean up after they cut down trees and use what is left over for Christmas trees. So the trees are native to Colorado and slightly (or very much so) Charlie Brown in nature. We decided to go back to their little stand and get our tree there this year again.

It was super super windy on Friday but that didn’t stop us….I think it just helped us make a quick decision. Everyone was cold and wind blown so the deciding part took all of about 5 minutes, once we told Caedmon that we could not get the 25 foot tree that he was sure we could make work. We actually got two trees, one big one for the living room and then a little one that holds many of the kids “special” home made creations over the years that we put upstairs and let them decorate how they want. And really once Clint got the lights on the big tree I just let them loose on the big tree as well to decorate as they all pleased. I did end up moving some ornaments because the bottom branch had about 10 all placed by Coppelia and then there was another cluster of ornaments about the same height as little hands could reach from the top of the step ladder.

Likely by the time Christmas arrives the tree will be so dried out but they think it is magical and special and beautiful despite the randomness of where and what things were placed on it. And that’s ok with me.