Halloween 2018

So yes this month is going to be out of order and kind of random because sometimes that’s how we roll.

I took the easy route for costumes this year, I basically said “find something in the midst of the costumes and various things that we have and make it work”. And in the end they all did great, Leighton was Peyton Manning, Caedmon was a knight, Edric was a monkey, Paxton was a giraffe and Coppelia was Piglet. I had a fleece dragon suit that I wear when it is cold and so I wore that. Edric believes that I can actually fly when I wear the dragon suit, I told him that I can only fly when everyone is sleeping at night, so if I put it on when its cold he always asks to watch me fly.


We hosted the pre-neighborhood pizza party before all the kids headed out. We had had a huge bull elk in our neighborhood all week and the evening of Halloween the elk came and settled in the yard across the way. Just as all the kids started out in their massive group for trick or treating the bull elk started bugling which was really cool.

We had a great time and got WAY too much candy. The kids picked out 15 pieces each and then willingly donated all the rest to the switch witch and got a couple of family games instead. I was glad to get all the candy out of the house so I’m not tempted by it.