Playing In The Leaves

Despite our early snow storm a little over a week ago we are back to more fall like weather. And one of the best things about fall time is playing in the leaves. We have a number of trees at our house but they aren’t huge and so they don’t have a ton of leaves. My parents however have some large trees and thus a number of leaves. We planned all week with the nice weather to spend the afternoon at my parents on Sunday and I think my dad spent all week during his free time raking leaves up for us to play in.

We all had a blast playing in the leaves, jumping from a nearby tree into the pile of leaves, playing in the sandbox, and riding in the wagon on the 4-wheeler. I even jumped from the tree into the leaves a few times and so did my mom. No one got hurt and there were plenty of laughs had all around.

I did accidentally leave our pumpkins outside during our snow storm and so they got all soft and mushy. I told the kids that we weren’t going to be able to carve them. Carving them usually results in mommy and daddy doing all the carving while they watch Charlie Brown and then having pumpkin stickiness all over the house for weeks despite my best efforts to keep it contained. Instead we decided to dip and decorate apple slices. Everyone had a blast with that and we all enjoyed the treats at the end.


It was a great fall day!