Happy 9th Birthday Leighton Reid!

9 years ago today after 41 hours of LONG labor Leighton made his entrance into this world and made me a mommy. It would take over an hour until the nurse would let me out of bed and down the hall to really see him for the first time instead of the quick glance I got as they whisked him away moments after his entrance. I think I pretty much told her she could either wheel me down there or I was finding my own way thank you very much….Our first family photo is a bit blurry but it was the first time we went from being a couple to being a family. Those first couple of weeks were rough, instead of sleepless nights and trying to figure out what different cries met we were surrounded by beeps and buzzes and congratulated ourselves on figuring out how to change a diaper through the little incubator holes. When we were all finally released we didn’t really glance back at all.

Today unless you really look hard and know what you are looking for, the scars on his chest wall are pretty small. And he’s never looked back. He may look just like his daddy but sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself. We made it easy on Clint those first few years….he basically just dealt with two different sizes/ages of the same person. We then added 4 more distinct personalities to the picture so it got a little more complicated.

To say that we both like books would be an understatement. But we are both a bit picky as far as what books we like….but find us each a book and you may not hear from us for a couple or hours….at least until we finish the book. Here’s a glimpse at two actual conversations that have been had in the past couple of weeks in our house….

Clint- “So Leighton how’s your book?”

Leighton “which one?”

Clint “which ever one you chose from the ones we got at the library.”

Leighton “well I read all of them already….”

Clint “wait…..you read all 16 books in the 3 days since we were at the library?”

Leighton “yeah, can we got back?”

And similarity-

Clint (as he wakes himself from snoring on the couch after reading 3 pages) “So how’s your book?”

Me “Good, I just finished it, we can go to bed now”

Clint “Oh, did you just start it tonight after putting the kids down?”

Me “yeah, it was 384 pages.”

But seriously, besides our love for books we approach many things in life the same way and as I mentioned earlier, I feel like I’m watching a mini version of myself most of the time (except he looks like Clint).

Leighton has taken to his big brother role in amazing ways and all 4 kids look up to him and adore him, I miss their little toddler voices calling him Lay-Lay which is what both Caedmon and Edric called him. He’s so good with all of them….but also a bit bossy too….I often have to remind him that he is the brother and I am the mommy. He likes his routines and likes to know what is coming up next and make out a plan for everything in his head. While he’s not overly competitive and wants to do his best at everything he does and can get easily discouraged if he’s not doing as well as he thinks he can.

Clint and I were talking the other night and we only have 9 more summers with him under our roof….these 18 years go quick. That said it has been so much fun watching him grow and developed to the boy he is now and I am excited to watch him become the young man that he will be.

And so to my ever growing-book loving-gymnastics tumbling-cello playing-lego loving boy, Happy 9th birthday, thank you for making me a mommy.