An Ode To Marshmallows…

So pretty sure I stick to a healthy diet. And pretty sure I make sure my kids eat a ton of veggies and fruit, and dessert is something we maybe have once or twice a month. When we go to the grocery store our cart is overflowing before we even leave the produce section.

All that being said…I love marshmallows. Ok, I admit I’m a bit of an addict with marshmallows. Or maybe I’ve just made them another food group in my world and there is a daily requirement for them in my life…at least 6 a day. But more is ok. And I’m not talking about the mini marshmallows (although in a pinch a large amount of them might be ok), and definitely not talking about the colored ones or the flavored ones (seriously why ruin perfection?), but just the big fluffy white ones. From a sealed bag that hasn’t been left open resulting in them drying out.

Really my favorite way to eat them is lightly roasted over an open fire, gooey but not black or on fire. You can keep your graham crackers and chocolate, I’ll just have a few perfectly roasted marshmallows. Since I can’t have an open fire every day warmed to the point of being gooey in the microwave is a close second. Some people have wine after their kids are in bed….I have marshmallows warmed up with a spoon.

Nightly perfection

In college and med school I invented a new food….and if I hadn’t been learning how to save peoples lives and been more business savvy I would’ve taken it commercial and introduced the world to the perfection known as “tortimallows”. Basically you take a tortilla, put a row of marshmallows down the middle of it, line one or both sides with a row of chocolate chips and stick it in the microwave. Yep it was a staple of my diet through those 12 years of college/med school/residency. My gut isn’t a huge fan of most grains now a days so I skip the extra and just go for melted marshmallows. But if someone somewhere does open a tortimallow stand (figure you can try and enhance it with flavored chips, things life strawberries or peanut butter, or whatever), please let me know and give me a little credit in the process of developing the next big food craze.

And marshmallow cream? Well that’s basically perfection perfected. But I can also clean out a jar in a matter of minutes without blinking…so we can’t keep any around. And seriously….who do these food makers think they are given us small jars of marshmallow cream or bags of marshmallows. The smallest amount that should be sold at any one time of marshmallow cream is a 50 gallon vat, and marshmallows should come in 80 pound bags standard.

Really the only food that comes remotely close is warm gooey chocolate chip cookie dough. Not the actual cookies and not the straight dough (although that’s pretty awesome), but a big scoop put on the cookie pan and put in the oven and warmed just a few minutes until it starts to get gooey and loose shape but no where near cooked, just warm and gooey all the way through…yeah if that was something I could have on a regular basis this might have been called “an ode to marshmallows and warm gooey cookie dough” but having an endless supply of cookie dough and an oven that is warm at all times is hard to come by.

Now….If I could just have warm gooey chocolate chip cookie dough wrapped around a melted gooey marshmallow…..that would be beyond awesome.