And Flowers….

With as much as I enjoy gardening, my true love is growing flowers. I love flower gardens and I love making trips to the flower store. When we moved I had to leave behind my rose garden and flower garden that I had carefully worked on and added too for 6 years. I have been determined to find a spot for a new rose garden.

Our new house had a giant pine tree outside our window but as we have studied it this past year realized that it was too close to the house and it was a matter of time before it would pose a risk and need to be cut down. So we took the initiative and cut it down and I decided to make that my new rose garden.

As it turned out the area is much bigger than I had initially thought and so I expanded it to a flower garden with a new little fountain as well. I put a bunch of seeds in as well!

new little fountain/bird bath
all planted

While all of this has been going on I have become more and more interested in bee keeping and raising honey bees. So as I planted flowers and plants I wanted to get plants that will be good for bees as well. I am going to work this summer on getting some of the plants good and established and then will start my hive next year.

It has been a lot of fun planting and dreaming. I only have 4 roses so far and I did a good job of restraining myself when I went to the flower store last week and didn’t pick up more roses….partly because my cart was already full, but usually I say there is always room for a rose. Nevertheless I have time to grow and establish my rose garden and I will add a few each year.

all the roses
my cart was already full

And so it will be fun this summer watching things bloom and grow and I look forward to the new adventures next year with adding bees. I have ordered my hive, it is being made and I will continue to read up on beekeeping until that time.