Armstrong Garden 2018

It’s that time of year again. Time when everything blooms and I love it.

IMG_6872 (1)

It’s also time to get my garden going. Now in years past I have started everything inside and had a big garden. When we moved last year the house we moved into had two smaller raised beds and so we planted a few things but just getting moved and settled took a lot. This year I planned on keeping it simple and even toyed with the idea of not doing a garden at all….but I can’t not at least do something. But I told Clint I was going to keep it simple. And starting things indoors was just not going to work with two little 2 year olds who are great “helpers”. I figured I was going to spend more time cleaning up dirt and replanting everything that they would pull up that it was not worth it…I was going to keep things simple this year.

IMG_6876 (1)
They love all things water

So I started with just a few strawberry plants. And that was literally all I was going to plant. But then my mom had the two littles and was running some errands and bought a few tomato plants and peppers and when she got to the check out discovered that she had extra plants in her cart thanks to two little people. And a couple were no longer actually in their pots thanks to their “help”. So she sent me a message and said she had two tomato plants that may or may not survive and to see if I wanted them. So I planted those with my strawberries as well.

IMG_6878 (1)
“helping” watering

And I thought I was done….And I had a good little garden going. The other raised bed was full of weeds and volunteer spinach and lettuce. I was fine just letting that go. Except I went to the flower store. And I walked by the peppers. So now we have three little pepper plants planted as well in our garden.

IMG_6877 (2)
weeds and volunteer plants-plan to just “let it go” this year
IMG_6904 (1)
And now what I have

And we have a little room for some kale and likely some onions as well. So much for simple this year. (In reality though it is a lot less than what I’ve done before and much more simple). But I’ll try and post from time to time and let you know how my “simple” easy garden goes this year!