Coppelia 1 Year Home!

Last Saturday we marked Coppelia being home for one year! With the ballet and everything it was a busy week and so I am finally getting around to posting about it.


It is crazy to think that it has already been a year, but also amazing to watch how far she has come. Of the three kiddos her grief was the most expressive. She was so sad and so upset. It broke my heart. She was also the loudest with her grief and those first few months I didn’t know if my ear drums could take it. She has come so far, and while she’s not much quieter, she is far happier and such a joy (unless as true to her 2 year old status she doesn’t get her way….then we all know about it).


Her language has grown immensely and is really starting to take off. The past couple of months she has really taken to using her words and trying to communicate her thoughts/feelings/desires. Often she helps us make dinner and lately we’ve been asking her to go tell her brothers that dinner is ready. It is funny to hear her yelling at the top of her voice as she runs to wherever they are playing “Leighton, Caedmon, Edric, Paxton, food time!”.

And to say that this little girl has sass would be an understatement. She will shake her finger and tell me “no”. She has distinct preferences and she is not afraid or shy to let anyone know her thoughts. She may be the only girl in a house full of boys but she will definitely let everyone know her wishes.


It has been a crazy year and to watch her grow and blossom has been so much fun. We are so excited that she is part of our family.