Coppelia 11 Months Home!

So I’m a little late on posting this, but life has been a bit crazy. Actually we are just a few weeks away from celebrating Coppelia being home for a year. But before we rush to 1 year, here’s a little post about 11 months home.


Coppelia has her opinions and she will quickly let you know what her thoughts and feelings are about something. And her opinions are often not shared quietly. EVERYONE around is aware of how she feels about something. I was changing clothes to go out to dinner with Clint (we actually got a date!) a couple of weeks ago and she followed me into the closet and as I pulled a shirt down, she stuck her little finger out and waved it back and forth and quite sure of her self said “no, no”. She had an opinion on what she thought I should wear. Clint will often let her pick out which bow to go in her hair when he does her hair and it is inevitably whichever one is the most sparkly.

She loves playing in the sandbox

A couple of weeks ago when there was no snow (like the majority of the winter has been) she pulled a sled out of the shed and insisted on going sledding. I tried to let her know that there was no snow but there was no stopping this girl. She pulled her sled out to the field and was so proud of herself and sat out on her sled for quite awhile just so happy.


And riding her bike? She is quite proud of herself, but she doesn’t actually ride it…its more of a waddle with the bike between her legs. The other afternoon before nap we decided to go on a walk/bike ride. She was quite insistent that she ride her bike….I knew that she wouldn’t make it very far with her waddle-riding and so I grabbed the stroller just in case….And as it turned out she made it to the end of the driveway to the mail box before she was done and ready for a ride. Silly girl.


Her speech is coming, she is beginning to put 2-3 words together. Most people can’t understand what she is saying, but she clearly understands exactly what is being said to her. And she is a bit mischievous and giggles often which is just so much fun.


And so we are quickly approaching 1 year home, what a journey it has been but we are so thankful that she is a part of our family!