Paxton Home 1 Year!

On March 25th we celebrated Paxton being home 1 year. Clint and I took custody on March 23rd last year on Caedmon’s birthday but we celebrate the day that he came home on the 25th as his Family Day. From the moment he met his brothers in the airport he has adored and followed them and fit right in.

Meeting his big brothers and fitting right in

He still adores his brothers today and honestly believes he can do anything and everything that they can do. He tries and usually succeeds along the way too. His smile and laugh are infectious and he has brought much joy to our lives. He is a smart little cookie too, and quickly has mastered language and picked up many phrases. Just last week I overheard the following conversation-

Caedmon-“Paxton take off your shoes, you are in the house.”

Paxton- “Caedmon, you only worry about you.”

Hmmm sounds like something I have said a number of times when one of the kids is trying to parent one of the other kids or is overly concerned about what someone else is doing. Thank you little man at 2 years old for putting your brother in his place….or not.

reading with Caedmon

Trucks are still by far his favorite thing, and he rubs the tires of cars/trucks/anything we see in the parking lot any chance he can get. Earning a truck or match box car for potty training success has been the big key lately.

A boy and his truck

He may not be very big (hey someone has to be in the 6th percentile and why not him?) but he doesn’t let his lack of size stop him from doing anything. He is still very much two years old although he is quickly approaching age 3, and so telling him no or asking him to share brings on big alligator tears, especially if the sharing involves his little sister.


It has been a joy to be his parents for the past year and I am excited to watch him grow and become a little boy. I will always be thankful for the love of his birth mom and the difficult choice she made and I pray that she has a peace knowing that he is well loved and cared for. I also will be forever grateful for the love and care his foster family gave him. I will make sure that he is always aware of the people in his life that have loved and cared for him before he came home to our family.