Coppélia Home 7 Months and Paxton Home 8 Months!

Maybe it’s because I’m lazy maybe it’s because life has been busy, maybe it’s because I’m exhausted from chasing tiny humans around all day, but for whatever reason I’m combining these two posts into one this month. Clint and I have said it both a number of times, these two are more “two-year-old” than any of the others have been. I had always heard of the terrible twos and the fits and mischief that two year olds are famous for but for our first three it was all pretty minor. Not so with these two, maybe because their two year oldness combines and joins forces or something. There is a reason that they have been nicknamed “Double” and “Trouble”. Um hmmm don’t let their shy smiles fool you for one moment.

Don’t let the innocent photo fool you, pretty sure they are planning schemes

I’m pretty sure “quiet” and “calm” and “shy” will not be words that will ever be used to describe Coppélia. She is full of spunk and while her words may be few (although growing daily-she mastered how to say CANDY within one day of Halloween), she definitely has a way of letting her point and wishes be made known. And usually not just to those in her immediate vicinity, I’m sure that people a mile or two away are also quite aware of her displeasure. Luckily she gives us a few seconds of a silent scream before her vocal cords catch up and so we have all learned (even Paxton, he says in his little voice “cover your ears, Jiyun mad”), to cover our ears or leave a 2 mile radius. She is growing by leaps and bounds though and most of the time she is happy and spunky and giggles and enjoys life. Her vocab is growing and she is saying a lot more words. She does have a little mischievous side though and she is going to keep us on our toes for sure. She still growls like a dinosaur from time to time which just cracks us all up, its usually when she is really excited about something and it is the funniest thing.

Paxton is our little tank engine. And little is a key word, we cannot get the little guy to gain weight, part of it is that he is our pickiest eater and part is that he goes full steam all day. He’s pretty sure he is as big as Leighton and can do at least everything that Leighton can do without hesitation. Even his Sunday School teacher this last week was blown away by his ability on a strider bike, if they made little pedal bikes for his size he would be pedaling down the road without looking back. His vocabulary is impressive for his age and even for a few years older than himself. Although he’s big and tough he does still love his “ebol” or blankie and requires that every nap and bedtime. And he wakes up the roughest, he does not like to get up from nap. He is easy to make laugh though and the most laid back and easy going of the bunch. He loves his cars and trucks and loves to go for rides in the car, I got home from running errands and was going to have to go pick up Edric from preschool a couple of weeks ago, but had a good 30 minutes before I had to leave, and he insisted on getting his shoes on and getting buckled in his seat in the vehicle so that he would be ready to go. He was happy to just sit in the back seat with the door open strapped in making car noises. Silly boy.

Yes our days are really full, and involve way too many diaper changes (even with Coppélia almost getting the potty training thing down she has her days where it’s more misses then successes), upset toddlers, but also sweet hugs and snuggles and many laughs along the way. It’s easy to want to look ahead to when they are a little bigger, but I’m just trying to soak in these little moments, even if it means I fall asleep on the couch every night at 8.