First Snow Day 2017

We’ve actually had a couple of snows already this season but Tuesday was the first day that we had more than just a dusting of snow. And along with the snow quite a drop in temperature. Edric has recently fallen in love with riding his bike and so while it was 25 degrees outside and still snowing when he work up he first asked if it was Christmas and then asked if he could go ride his bike. I had to answer no to both…although he didn’t understand why mommy could go out and run in the snow and cold and he couldn’t go ride his bike…sorry kid, mommy is just crazy. Actually I love running in the snow, I’m a wimp in the cold all the other times, but love running in it.

But enough on that. It was going to snow for most of the morning so we started in on school work and such and decided that we would go outside and shovel the driveway after lunch. However my dad who lives super close had other plans and showed up mid morning with his four wheeler to clear our driveway. I was grateful because our new house has a much larger and longer driveway and figured we’d be out there forever shoveling. The kids think shoveling the snow is one of the best things ever though, but still it was going to be a long time shoveling. The kids saw my dad and quickly threw on shoes and grabbed shovels to do the sidewalks. Somehow Coppelia managed to get outside without her shoes on (with 5 kiddos I can’t always keep everyone straight). She didn’t seem to mind initially and grabbed a shovel to start shoveling but it only lasted a few minutes before she was standing at the door yelling “cold!”.  Paxton seemed to have the right idea…he chose to watch everyone from the window.

Later that afternoon though my dad returned with the 4-wheeler and a bunch fo sleds. We sledded for a good hour at least behind the 4-wheeler and honestly I’m not sure who had more fun, all of us or my dad. 
It was a great day, the snow is melting now (although its still been chilly-honestly if its going to be cold there should be snow that goes along with it). I look forward to more snow and more goofy fun times playing in it this winter.