Happy Birthday Paxton KaOn!

On Saturday we got to celebrate Paxton’s 2nd birthday. It has been so much fun getting to know this little guy over the past few months. He is full of smiles and laughs and is so ticklish. All the boys have loved trucks, but none of them have adored them like he does. Paxton will walk up to anything with wheels and just rub the wheels and look at the vehicle in absolute awe. It is so fun to see.
There is little that will stop Paxton, he is willing to try and do everything he sees the older boys doing. (Minus eating vegetables…no amount of peer pressure has helped that yet). He will climb anything the others do and copy and do just what they do. He is fully boy, skinned knees and all.

He also loves books and I love spending the evenings before bed with him in my lap reading through a story together. Dancing to songs is another one of his favorite things to do. He greets each day with a smile and carries that throughout his entire day. 

We kept things simple and played with his new toys and just enjoyed the time together. Instead of birthday cake or cupcakes we did s’mores in the fire place outside and he blew his candle out in a marshmallow. I hope and pray that his birth mom knows that he is a happy little boy, full of joy and life, and that he is well loved and cared for and that she can have peace knowing those things.

Happy Birthday Paxton!