Happy 4th Birthday Edric!…(Only a month late)…

Happy Birthday Edric! 4 years old. Only I’m a month late (and a few days). Don’t worry we celebrated on time and had cake and presents and all of that. I just totally forgot to write the post about you and 4 years at the time (might have been a combo of 2 new littles, jet lag, new house, and May…because May is just CRAZY and we even homeschool so I know the CRAZY is worse for those of you in mainstream education).
What a difference a year makes. Edric you have done a ton of growing up this past year and I feel like we are still just getting to know you as words are finally beginning to come and you can express your thoughts, feelings and ideas. I know you will always be the one to keep us on our toes and keep us trying to figure out this parenting thing. How we’ve managed not to end up in the ER this year with you is nothing short of a miracle. I’ve uttered things like “umm so dancing on the dining room table is not something we do in the house” and a number of other things that I never thought or imagined I would have to say. 

You are super sweet. You have a big heart for everyone around you, and I confess that I miss that sometimes when I’m frustrated at something you have done at times. But you have a sweet heart and usually mean really well and give hugs and care deeply when someone is hurt or upset around you (unless it has to do with a toy you just ripped from their hand…and then your over abundance of sympathy you normally have is long gone). It has been fun watching you learn and navigate your role as a big brother. 

You have learned and grown so much. I never thought I’d have to tell you “Edric, please stop talking” a year ago when you had very few words. I think you have been making up for lost time. I am excited to see what this next year will take you and where you will be when you hit 5. I am so glad to be your mommy and glad that you are my little boy!