Headed Out…

Bags are packed. Schedule for my parents written out. Passports ready. T-cards for the subway easily accessible. Books loaded on the Kindle. Toothbrush in the carry on. Fridge and pantry stocked for the week away. Directions/plans/meeting times all set. I think we are ready.


Korea and Seoul and Paxton and Coppelia, here we come. As of now the judge has not combined your cases, which we’ve always known and expected to likely be the case, but that’s ok. We get to meet you face to face this week and see what has just been photos for the past year with our eyes and hear your little voices and hold you tight. And ultimately that’s what matters. We said we’d make 100 trips for you if that’s what it took, and while hopefully its not that many we’ll do what we need to bring you home. We know that the wait has been hard, but we also know that the adjustment with you guys coming home is even harder, but that’s ok, we will sort through it and establish our new normal in the months to come when you get to come home. This week is just about getting to know you and hold you and giggle with you.

Our schedules are pretty set. We land in Seoul late Sunday evening and then Monday morning we have a Visa meeting at Paxton’s agency at 9:30AM. We meet Paxton at 10AM Korea time, (6PM Sunday night Colorado time). Right now we are planning on spending the rest of the day traveling to both hospitals where Paxton and Coppelia were born at and maybe exploring one of the markets that evening.

Tuesday is our only “free day” as it stands now. We are looking to go hiking in the national park north of Seoul. It’s suppose to be 20 degrees. It’s ok, we’re Coloradans and we’ve got layers and layers packed.

Wednesday it’s back to Paxton’s agency for a meeting with the director and lunch with other families and then a second meeting with Paxton that afternoon at 1PM. Our plans for that afternoon are fairly loose…we are thinking of checking out the sheep cafe that isn’t far from his agency (yes there are actual sheep there…).

Thursday we will travel south of the Han River to Coppelia’s agency to meet her at 11AM. We didn’t explore much on that side of the Han during our first trip, so we have some things to check out on our list, including the Olympic Park from the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

Friday is court day. Again at this point it’s just court for Paxton, we’ll be back in a few weeks to do court for Coppelia unless the judge makes a decision the other way this next week. Either way it’s in God’s hands and we’re ready for whatever.

And then on Saturday we will be back on a plane headed home. It’s going to be hard to leave our babies there, but I know we will be ready to hug and tickle our three boys here. I’ll try and keep the blog updated as we travel throughout the week and explore and meet our kiddos.