Seoul Ready….

8 Days. Yep in 8 days we hop on a flight for a very long time and will eventually end up in Seoul, ready to meet out kiddos. We got word a few weeks back that Paxton was assigned a court date on February 10th, but around the same time a petition was filed to the judge because it was learned that both Paxton and Coppelia were assigned the same judge, asking the judge to combine the cases. He has yet to make a decision and after a number of days of waiting, discussing with our agencies and trying to figure out if he would move the date or combine the dates, we had to just go forward with planning our first trip and wait and see what he does.

We are still praying daily and earnestly that he will combine the cases together…but in the mean time we have been moving ahead with planning and getting ready for our trip. We have our two meetings with Paxton set up and are waiting to hear back from Coppelia’s agency when our meeting (or meetings) with her will be. We have started an outline of each day and plans and meeting times and subway lines to catch. We’ve booked a hotel. We found our subway transportation cards.

Gifts for foster families were actually bought months ago and so those were pulled out of the basement and sorted and arranged and have been packed. I found scarves for the foster moms and daughters, and Bronco hats for the foster dads. Honey from Colorado as well as a big photo book of Colorado as well. I also put in some lotion for the foster moms and sisters. I got scarves for the social workers and honey for them as well.

Gifts for the Foster Families
Gifts for the Foster Families

I made a Target trip this week to get things to take to our meetings with Paxton and Coppelia. I got to get double of everything…which I have to start getting my head wrapped around because that’s going to be the norm…or rather 5 of everything. I’m really looking forward to meeting both Paxton and Coppelia, but at the same time dreading that time when we have to say goodbye…knowing it will be a number of weeks before they actually get to come home. I remember crying in the hallway when we had to do that with Edric. Still for now I’m going to focus on getting to see and hold and hug them and hear their laughs and see their smiles.


There’s still a list of things to do, and a checklist is constantly running in my head, but we’ve still got a week to pull it all together. In the meantime I’m going to continue to spend a lot of my time on my knees praying that the judge will combine the cases and approve both.