A Second Approval….

On Friday we got word that Coppelia’s exit permission had been approved by the Korean government. Sometime this week her file will be submitted to the Korean court system. From there we wait for a court date. But the part that typically takes the longest is now over!


We are still waiting for a court date for Paxton as well. At this point I am expecting that we will get a mid February court date for him and then hopefully have his final approval in mid March. Praying that somehow Coppelia’s court date matches up with either his court date or with his custody time to hopefully allow us to only make 2 or 3 trips rather than 4 trips. Still lots of unknowns.

I find myself worried and overthinking and trying to figure out when and how and such all of it is going to come together. What are we going to do if the dates don’t line up at all….How do we swing 3 or 4 trips with 3 little guys still at home…..I still can’t believe that the agencies aren’t willing to work together and this all seems so silly for what ultimately ends up being less than 10 minutes in front of the judge. Don’t get me wrong, I will fly as many times as needed and jump through whatever hoops I need to in order to bring my two little ones home, but some of it all seems a little ridiculous.

And I’m working on remembering to trust….God has had a plan for all of this from the beginning and He hasn’t changed. And so we hang on and get ready for the ride. I’m really looking forward to having both of them home and figuring out our new reality of being a family of 7.