A Note To My Little Ones…

Dear Paxton and Coppelia-It is hard to believe that a year ago we did not know that you two existed and yet this year my heart is longing and missing you as we get ready for Christmas. I know that it likely won’t be too long before you are both home, but each day is another day that you both are not here. Sometime the ocean that is separating us seems impassable. 

We have been getting ready for the two of you. We bought a new table this week that will hold all of us. We have booster seats for you to sit at and are slowly adding clothes the your spots in the closet. I actually packed your beds in the storage unit when we thought that we were going to move, so until you are home and we find a new home that is bigger we are going to set little beds up in mommy and daddy’s room for you two. We have a couple car seats picked out for you and are watching for sales so that they can be set up and ready for you. 

Your big brothers are excited for you guys to come home too. They pray for you each night and ask “Please help Paxton and Coppelia come home soon”. I’ll warn you two now, they are full of energy and very active. They are super sweet boys though too and are looking forward to having you home and join us. 

We aren’t a perfect family by any means. We all have our strengths, weaknesses, and quirks. And I know that you both will bring your own of each of those as well. I look with anticipation to having you home, and some days it just seems a little harder. Looking forward to having both of you in my arms because you are taking up a lot of room in my heart already.

With Love,